Michael Harney ’77 on a tea buying trip to Kyoto

Michael Harney ‘77, Vice President & CEO of Harney Teas, shares with us what it means to him to be a Hotelie for Life®.

”I have been a Hotelie for Life® since birth. I was born in Ithaca as my father, John, was attending the School of Hotel Administration and graduated as part of the super class of 1956. Also my mom worked at the School. In fact, my Godparents were none other than Bob Beck, former Dean, and Mary Loughnan, who scheduled classes for Hotelies. I graduated with the Class of 1977 and its many luminaries. Chuck Feeney assigned me the hard task of living Paris and learning about wine as my first job. An added benefit was that Chuck introduced me to my bride: Brigitte. Many years ago, I applied some of my superior education at Cornell and decided it was a good deal to become a lifetime member of CHS. Although my last son graduated 4 years ago, I love to go to campus and see the action: Minds being molded.”