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Kansai Chapter Celebrates CHS at 90

On June 1, 2018, the Kansai Chapter celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Cornell Hotel Society at the Kobeya Sylphide restaurant in Osaka. A total of 21 Hotelies and their families were in attendance.

Kansai chapter celebrates CHS at 90.

Kansai chapter celebrates CHS at 90.

Kansai chapter celebrates CHS at 90.

Japanese Chapters Celebrate New Year’s

On Friday, February 17, 2017, the Tokyo and Kansai chapters gathered together to celebrate the New Year. The event was held on the top floor of the Andaz Tokyo. Andaz General Manager Ross Cooper, and Hyatt Regional Vice President Mr. Abe welcomed CHS to the hotel. The Hotelies in attendance appreciated the amazing buffet of food and drinks while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Special thanks to CHS Regional Vice President Mr. Tanuma for hosting the event.

Andaz GM Ross Cooper welcomes the Hotelies to his property.

The amazing food buffet.

Combined members of the Tokyo and Kansai chapters.

Hotelies listen to the event hosts.

Of course there was wine.

Kansai Chapter Welcomes Professor Verma

On February 27, the CHS Kansai Chapter welcomed Professor and Mrs. Rohit Verma with a reception at Kyoto University.  A total of 36 Cornellians and their guests attended the event.  Since the reception was held at the Kyoto Hotel Okura, the president of the Okura Hotel Chain attended the event.  You can image how impressive the food buffet was!!

CHS Kansai Chapter

Professor Verma Knows Who To Hang Out With

Kansai Hotelies Gather To Welcome Professor Verma