On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the CHS German chapter met at the recently opened Hotel Provocateur. The group had a very nice tour of the property including a Vodka Drink in one of the guest rooms where General Manager Ronald Spicale demonstrated the “Provocateur mood and visual effects”.   It was very impressive and definitely very something unique.

After the tour, the Hotelies in attendance were privileged to gather in the Provocateur Bar. The bar was filled to capacity. After its first three weeks, the hotel’s bar has become a “hot spot”. The group enjoyed very nice cocktails and sensational finger food!

Everyone loved the evening and several Hotelies said they will return. CHS Berlin thanks Mr. Spicale for a wonderful evening.

CHS Berlin gathers at the Provocateur Bar.

Hotelies are treated to a special vodka drink.

Recent Events


Members of the German Chapter enjoyed dinner and a tour of the innovative HafenCity in Hamburg.


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