MMH Student Research Survey – Alumni Assistance Requested

Employee Perceptions Regarding the Morality of Their Company’s HR Management Practices

To most low-income students from Vietnam, getting a college degree is our dream, let alone a degree from abroad. Coming from a similar background as a first-generation college student, I overcame the social barriers and prove to others otherwise. Not only did I earn a bachelor with honors from Michigan State University, but I also got in one of the most competitive master’s programs in hospitality at Cornell University. The program at the Nolan School of Hotel Administration has helped me advance my research skills and prepare my application for a doctorate degree. My hope is that managers will better understand their employees and improve employees’ work experience, and at the same time, achieve higher financial goals thanks to low turnover rates.

The more I research and encounter employees at the university, the more I feel committed to improve employees’ experience and reduce social injustice in the hospitality industry through my work. One key variable that appears in almost every conversation in the field of hospitality is turnover. I have realized that extant literature has found important factors of turnover. Nevertheless, the topic of morality and turnover has yet to be discussed. As such, I decided to ground my thesis project in the hospitality industry and focus on employee perceptions about the morality of their firm’s HR management practices and the extent to which such perceptions may be linked to their work experiences and intentions to stay/leave. With my thesis, I want to increase employers’ awareness of individual differences among employees.

I am seeking a large sample of hotel and restaurant employees, so any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Here’s the link:

All the best,

Vinh Le
MS Hotel Administration
Nolan School of Hotel Administration
Cornell University