Hollis Silverman ‘00

Hollis Silverman ‘00, Founder of Eastern Point Collective, Owner/Operator of The Duck & The Peach DC, La Collina DC, and The Wells DC in Washington, DC shares with us what it means to her to be a Hotelie for Life®:

“Discovering, adapting, listening, innovating…all of these things are part of being a #HotelieForLife. For me, hospitality is a way of life, bringing people together over food is always the winning formula to create conversations and connections. I’ve learned so many lessons in my career, but what guides me as a Hotelie is to be both people- and purpose-driven and to anticipate the moments of conflict and of celebration. This amazing industry is all about passion, human energy, and taking care of one another. Our teams and our guests. And when in doubt, add roast chicken! Everything is made better with a roast chicken.”