Gitte Harder GMP ’11

Gitte Harder GMP ’11, Vice President at Escales International, shares with us what it means to her to be a Hotelie for Life®.

“For me, being a #HotelieForLife, is about a shared vision of human relations but also a constant reminder of the importance of continuing to learn and progress.

In these uncertain times for the hospitality industry, I truly believe that our capacity to question our beliefs, to evolve personally and to keep focus on the human aspect, all fundamental qualities that we learned at the Hotel School, are essential and will allow us to get successfully through the difficulties. We belong to a strong International Community and as such, we can rely on each other, wherever we are. To be able to count on somebody on the other side of the earth to help you with an information, an introduction or a helping hand, makes me proud to be a Hotelie For Life.”

Pictured here with her sister and their children, visiting the “Forest Tower” in Denmark this summer.