Christopher Muller, MPS ’85 Ph.D.’92, Professor of the Practice, Hospitality, Boston University, tells us what it means to him to be a Hotelie for Life®:

“When I told my father, who was not in Hospitality, that I had been accepted to The Hotel School he said, “Well, you’ll never have to look for a job again.” And, of course, he was right. I met Melinda MPS ’85 in my first week, we were married in Sage Chapel just before graduation (I married the MPS Director!), had our cocktail hour at the AD White house, wedding reception at the Statler Inn. We both worked at SHA, I was her “trailing spouse.”

Many of our lifelong friends grew from that time. Our 3 kids were born in Ithaca and grew up in TCAB, which took up 6 ½ of the best years of my professional life. I still “pal” with Giuseppe, work with Chef Brian and talk to Chase and Nork. Our youngest, Mackenzie ’14, took up where we left off, becoming an MOD at Statler. Now, she recruits executives who were students then, sharing 3 generations of stories. The late Mike Oshins MPS ’85, convinced me to be the Dean at BU where we played the parts of “Statler & Waldorf” together.

I’ve spoken to industry groups around the world, made friends everywhere, brought my family to places unimaginable, all because of the wonderful people who are Hospitality. And, of course, because I am a #hotelieforlife.”