In September, the New England Chapter hosted a tour and cocktail reception at The Whitney Hotel. The boutique hotel opened in July in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood with 65 luxury guestrooms. The hotel is named for Henry Melville Whitney, a Boston industrialist and owner of the site in 1800s when it served as a dorm for nurses at a local hospital. Over twenty alumni, including CHS Global President Dexter Wood ‘87, were able to see the beautiful property including its garden courtyard, learn of its long history, and enjoy food and beverage from Peregrine, the hotel’s coastal Mediterranean restaurant.

Picture One: Alan Suzuki ’03, Dave Harelick, Kathleen Murphy ’87, Sebastian Colella ’05, Dexter Wood ’87, Nala Holmes ’12, James Carmody ’81, Stephanie Loeber ’95, Venus Tse ’17, David Hoff ‘81

Picture Two: Dexter Wood ’87 Global CHS President with Sebastian Colella ’05 Chapter President and Nala Holmes ’12 Chapter Vice President

CHS New England Tours Whitney Hotel