Cindy Estis Green ’79, CEO and Co-founder of Kalibri Labs, shares with us what it means to her to be a Hotelie for Life®.

“As I look back over years, beyond the jobs and clients, it’s the personal relationships that define a Hotelie for Life – the shared experiences and a sense of camaraderie that link us together. I am proud to say that my two sons (Nathaniel ’13 and Micah ’18) followed in my footsteps and have come to appreciate the warm and welcoming community and the lifetime of support.

I think back on the lessons – it’s not that I know that water weighs 8 pounds per gallon (it does) or that I learned to be an expediter on the hot line in a kitchen (I had a lot of practice). It wasn’t the whipped cream fights in Quantity Food Production when our TA, Drew Nieporent, wasn’t looking or the burned peanut brittle in Food Chemistry lab bringing on the ire of Professor Peter Rainsford or the all-nighters getting ready for HEC. It was the bonds we built in an industry that values relationships. An unusual characteristic of a commercially driven industry, the hotel business has a unique emphasis on interpersonal connections.

And being a Hotelie for Life means appreciating the benefit of those bonds while building our careers and enthusiastically extending a helpful hand to the next generation as they rise through the ranks. And as Hotelies take on more leadership roles, there is a sense of responsibility to leave the hotel industry stronger and healthier than we found it.”

Cindy is pictured here hiking with her family in Glacier Park in Montana: (from left to right) Micah ’18, Cindy, Nathaniel ’13, Jeff and Samara.

Cindy Estis Green ’79 and Family