Sophia Lin Kanno ’05, Event Producer at Kehoe Designs and Vice President of the CHS Chicago chapter, shares with us what it means to her to be a “Hotelie for Life”:

“The Hotel School gave me lasting friendships, a stellar education and the Cornell reputation, but being a Hotelie is an opportunity to pay it forward. I have used my industry experience to plan events and alumni programs for CHS, and retu…rn to Cornell each year during HEC as a guest speaker. Meeting students on a personal level allows me to connect with their career curiosities as they seek the right fit for their skills and interests. As a Hotelie in special events and design, I strive to forge the path that helps others hone their passion and discover their way into this side of the hospitality industry. I am enriched by the love for hospitality in my fellow alumni, and look to inspire + open doors for others.” #payitforward #hotelieforlife

(Pictured at left, with CHS Chicago chapter President, Stacey Nadolny ’05 at CALC.)

Sophia Lin Kanno ’05 and Stacey Nadolny ’05