Arthur Adler ‘78, Chairman, JLL Hotels & Hospitality, Americas shares what it means to him to be a Hotelie for Life®.

Art Adler ’78

“Simply put, being accepted as a transfer student and attending The Cornell School of Hotel Administration was truly life-changing. My experience as a student was transformative and being an alum of The Hotel School has influenced my career and personal life each and every day. In addition to its world-renowned reputation, the power of The Hotels School’s network is incredible and has impacted me throughout my career. A co-worker at a summer job was attending Cornell and initially sparked my interest in a career in hotels. I was hired by a Cornell graduate for both my first and second jobs out of school. A countless number of colleagues and industry peers are alums. And those are just a few examples – not a day goes by that I don’t run into a fellow Cornellian and you can immediately feel the shared bond. Many of my best memories involve Cornell Hotelies – fun fact: during the spring of my senior year, I played the Cornell golf course more than 25 times and golf with clients has been a major part of building strong, trusting business relationships.

 There are so many aspects to our business – Cornell provided me with the opportunity to explore a bit of everything, which allowed me to test out roles in F&B, consulting and ultimately, transaction and advisory services. I was able to work hard and truly develop my passion for this industry. And a true Hotelie gives back: my loyalty to the Hotel School led me to remain extremely active, including endowing the Directorship of the Center for Real Estate and Finance and serving on the Deans’ Advisory Board, as well as numerous guest lectures. One of my biggest honors was twice speaking at the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series! I am so proud to be a #hotelieforlife.”