On May 12, 1928, alumni from the recently formed Cornell University School of Hotel Administration formed the school’s official alumni association: The Cornell Society of Hotelmen.  Throughout 2018, the Cornell Hotel Society will celebrate our 90th anniversary by featuring documents found in the university archives.  Thanks to Rick Aide ’75, Nickie Fredenburg, and Togo Tamura’19 for visiting the archives and retrieving the documents.

Rick Aide ’75, Nickie Fredenburg, Togo Tamura’19


 Early Banquets

Since the beginning of time, Hotelies have enjoyed their food and wine. What better way for a bunch of Hotelies to get together and bond both professionally, and socially.  Below are the menus from some of the first banquets held by the Cornell Society of Hotelmen.


Cover – Second Annual CSH Banquet
Menu – Second Annual CSH Banquet
Cover – Third Annual CSH Banquet
Menu – Third Annual CSH Banquet