Annaliese Layfayette ’10

Annaliese Lafayette ’10

Annaliese Lafayette ’10, General Manager of Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland, Maine, part of Lafayette Hotels, shared what it means to her to be a Hotelie for Life.

“My favorite thing about being a Hotelie for Life is that at the end of the day, no matter whether a Hotelie went in to hotels, restaurants, or finance we all went with a purpose of putting people first. Other business schools might teach you how to do the numbers or how to market something well, but the Hotel School teaches you about relationship building and how to serve others. I remember someone at the Hotel School once said to me, ‘The ultimate goal of our job is to try to make people happy. What’s better than that?’ I try to remember that anytime I’m dealing with a tough situation or guest. That’s the mentality of a Hotelie, and that’s the type of person I want to be around.”