5 Insights from Hospitality’s Best and Brightest

Inspiration and advice from alumni throughout the industry.


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Keith Barr“Every day, do the right thing. It’s been the core value that I’ve tried to live by. The right thing is often not the easiest thing to do, but I assure you it is the thing that will build your reputation amongst your peers. People will always hear what you say, but they will see what you do. And if you do the right thing, day in and day out, people will want to follow you and you will do great things in your career.”

Keith Barr ’92
Chief Commercial Officer, InterContinental Hotels Group, London


Ryan Pernice“There is honor and nobility in work, and I think we forget that at times. Find a job that makes you feel fulfilled and proud of what you do.”



Ryan Pernice ’07, Restaurateur
Table & Main, Osteria Mattone, Roswell, Georgia


Talley Wettlaufer“No matter what industry you are in, people skills are invaluable. Now matter who I work with or who works for me, it’s important to put yourself into their shoes and understand what they encounter and some of their challenges—and then figure out how to support them appropriately.”

Talley Wettlaufer ’99
Vice President of International Expansion, J. Crew, New York


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Steve Haggarty“Success is about being who you are, being your whole self and having an openness to not only approach each interaction, but be who you are in each of these circumstances. Be unafraid—if you don’t know something, or if a direct question is asked of you and you don’t have the content, ask questions. It’s imminently more valuable than having the right answer.”

Steve Haggerty ’90
Global Head of Capital Strategy, Hyatt Hotels, Chicago


Kevin Jacobs“You have to equip people to make good decisions and then you have to hold them accountable for their decisions. Communicate what the right thing to do is, incentivize people to do the right thing, and then reward them when they do the right thing… Those same tenets of leadership can be applied at any level that someone would be leading at.”

Kevin Jacobs ’94
Chief Financial Officer, Hilton Worldwide, McLean, Virginia