In Memoriam

We have recently been informed of the following Hotelies that have passed.

Robert James ’54                            January 26, 2021

Jay Treadwell ’61                            February 5, 2021

Arne Sorenson  (Hon CHS)          February 16, 2021

Robert Bernhard ’62                     March 11, 2021

Christopher LeSourd ’63              February 19, 2021

Claire Weston ’54                           May 9, 2019

Susan Patricof ’65                          January 18, 2021

Marjorie Stock ’54                         February 5, 2021

Benn Fass ’77                                 February 25, 2021

Blake Cullen ’58                             March 8, 2021

Edward Taylor ’58                         March 12, 2021

David Scoco ’80                              March 22, 2021

Dylan Clancy ’20                            May 2, 2021

Maurice Angers ’79                       February 21, 2021

David Caples MPS ’80                  March 20, 2021

Jerry Noel ’73                                 November 2020

Jerome Batt ’43                             December 15, 2020

Morton Kimball ’54                      September 7, 2017

Paul Deignan ’62                           May 23, 2021

Wilmot Jones ’56, MBA ’60         January 13, 2021

A. Patrick Papas ’62                      April 18. 2021

Gregg Bidlack ’73                          April 3, 2021

Dylan Clancy ’20                           May 2, 2021

Norman Leslie Rowe IV ’55        June 14, 2021

Peter Plamondon Sr. ’54             August 16, 2020

Frances M Baran ’47                    June 13, 2021

Clive C.L. Chu ’58                         April 11, 2021

Ralph T. DeStefano ’55                June 27, 2021

Lisa Rubenstein Lampert ’91      January 1, 2021

Jennifer Braman Lyons ’86        June 12, 2021

William C. McCormick ’79          January 1, 2019

Norman L. Rowe ’55                    June 14, 2021

Landon M Spilman ’54                June 8, 2021

Lucy H. Williams ‘77                    July 4, 2021

Alexandra Marie Woo ’95           March 30, 2021

Louis Passaro ‘61                          August 10, 2021

Bruce R. Panas ’70                       January 3, 2020

Mark E. Novisoff ’70                    November 17, 2019

In Memoriam – Arne Sorenson (Hon)

The Cornell Hotel Society (CHS) mourns the loss of Arne Sorenson (Hon), the late President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Inc.  In 2018, Mr. Sorenson was elected to be an honorary lifetime member of CHS after receiving the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration 2018 Cornell Hospitality Icon of the Industry Award.

During his tenure Mr. Sorenson supported the continued recruitment, and development, of many Hotelies within the Marriott organization.  In January of 2017, Mr. Sorenson hosted members of the Hotel School faculty at Marriott headquarters and shared his thoughts on the hospitality industry.


Below, Mr. Sorenson receives his Honorary Lifetime CHS Membership from Dean Kate Walsh, Bill Minnock ’79, Cheryl Boyer ’87, and Dexter Wood ’87.


In Memoriam – Jay Treadwell ’61

The Cornell Hotel Society (CHS) grieves the loss of Jay Treadwell ’61.  Jay is survived by his wife Peggy, who accompanied Jay to many CHS events around the world.  In 2008, Jay served as the Global President of CHS.

In 2019, Jay shared his thoughts about being a Hotelie for Life®.


“When I graduated from the Hotel School in 1961, I figured I was ‘finished’ with going to school. I joined the Navy and was sent to the west coast to run an Officers Club. For a long time, I seemed to ‘absent’ the Hotel School and Cornell from my life.

I moved to Washington D.C. to take over the operation of the U.S. Senate foodservice operation in 1975. My involvement since then has been uninterrupted and fulfilling, to include my wife, Peggy, and I made a sizable endowment for Hotel School students to study abroad, as hospitality is a global industry. The students who vied for and won this opportunity are just spectacular. We have always been proud to make this possible for Hotelies.

My involvement since then has been uninterrupted and fulfilling, to include my wife, Peggy, and I made a sizable endowment for Hotel School students to study abroad, as hospitality is a global industry. The students who vied for and won this opportunity are just spectacular. We have always been proud to make this possible for Hotelies.

After a meaningful and rewarding career in foodservice executive leadership and later, consulting, I had to retire in 2016 when I contracted a rare form of brain cancer, but miraculously have kept the brain and liver tumors under control. I give faith and friends the credit for that, for which I thank both equally. Among those friends are my fellow Hotelies for LIFE.”


As noted above, Jay truly appreciated the global nature of the hospitality industry.  In 2018 Jay and Peggy established the Jay & Peggy Treadwell International Travel Award which provides SHA students with international travel and learning opportunities.

To honor Jay, please consider donating to the Jay & Peggy Treadwell International Travel Award:

Below are several pictures of Jay and Peggy enjoying their time with Hotelies around the world.


Phil Miller Legacy Update: We need your Support!

We all have many challenges and priorities connected to the Pandemic. Nevertheless, sometimes I find my mind drifting to remembering Phil Miller and his untimely departure from our CHS family

This crisis will end at some point and so I still think long term and how to keep the legacy of Phil alive and to sustain our Hotelie culture. Click YOU NEED TO MEET PHIL MILLER as a reminder of how Phil inspired us all.


There were two funding initiatives created in memory of Phil to further his tireless effort on behalf of the students. They are called The Phil Miller Hotelie for Life Prize and the Phil Miller Legacy. Both of these programs are already launched and supporting deserving students and future Hotelie Ambassadors.

The Phil Miller Hotelie for Life Prize

This special prize is awarded to graduating seniors in the SHA. This year, one senior recipient was selected to receive a $10,000 cash prize. Four Semi-finalists also received a monetary award of $1000 each. Moreover, all finalists are awarded a Life-Time Membership in the Cornell Hotel Society and are asked to serve as ambassadors for CHS as they pursue their respective careers.

Click HOTELIE FOR LIFE for background on awardee,  Chloe Jones and Phil’s Legacy initiatives.


The Philippus Miller III Legacy Endowment

This endowment is designed to recognize and celebrate Phil’s legacy as a builder of networks and relationships. The purpose is to provide one or more Hotel School students an opportunity to attend one of the several major CHS events held around the world. The grant is intended to offset the costs of travel, lodging and event registration so that recipients can fully engage with alumni and other attendees.

Covid-19 has forced suspension of CHS gatherings for the foreseeable future. However, our successful fundraising to date ensures that monies are available to support these students when in-person events resume.

This year’s recipients of the Legacy Award are:

Alice Navadeh, ‘21

Colette Repisky, ‘22 


Fundraising to Date

With University matching funds, our initial goal is to raise a total of $250,000 over 5 years for each initiative, so $500,000 overall. Success in this endeavor would endow both programs in perpetuity. We are off to a strong start, having raised over 60% of the necessary monies so far to support these initiatives, which qualify for the 1 for 3 S C Johnson matching funds.


We Still Need your Support!

If you have already contributed to one or both of these initiatives, we thank you!

Since this is a 5-year stretch of fundraising, we urge you to begin or continue your support with a contribution this year.


Feel free to forward this to friends of Phil and the SHA. We Need to Meet or exceed our goal to support the next generation of Hotelies!


Joe Lavin ‘75

Phil Miller Legacy Committee

𝐈𝐧 𝐌𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐦: 𝐑𝐮𝐝𝐨𝐥𝐟 𝐖. “𝐑𝐮𝐝𝐲” 𝐌𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 ‘𝟔𝟐

The Cornell Hotel Society grieves the loss of Rudolf W. “Rudy” Muenster ’62. Rudy passed the morning of September 29, 2020 peacefully with his wife Annelie by his side in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

Rudy was an icon and inspiration for Hotelies worldwide and a mentor to many. He was a tireless ambassador for Cornell and The Hotel School (SHA) and truly epitomised the Hotelie for Life® spirit. Based in Berlin, he worked extremely hard to advance CHS in the EMEA region and was instrumental in the transformation of a single EMEA Chapter to nine Chapters, thus widening the visibility of the school across two continents. He is credited as being the orignal driving force behind the EMEA scholarship program, as well as the traditional scholarship auction held during the gala dinner at the annual EMEA meetings. He devoted a tremendous amount of time to soliciting donations from industry suppliers, hotel companies, and chapter members. Over the years his efforts helped fund more than 300 scholarship recipients. It is planned to honour Rudy at the next EMEA meeting in Rome and name the existing GMP scholarship after him.

In 1995, Rudy participated and supported the fledgling and first ever Asia-Pacific Regional Annual Conference in Hong Kong attended by 17 participants at the then Furama Hotel under Past Global President Michael W. N. Chiu ‘66. The forerunner Asian-based Annual Conference was adapted in format from Michael’s prior participation in the Annual EMEA meetings. In 1996, Rudy served as the first non-American Global President. His motto was “Act local, Think global”.

Professionally, Rudy began his international hotelier career at the then InterContinental Hotel Indonesia in Jakarta and later became the General Manager of the group’s hotel in Hannover, Germany. He then went to work for Kempinski Hotels where he became a management board member at the young age of 39. When he turned 46, he founded his own consulting firm, RWM Hotel Consult, during which time he traveled over 200 days a year as a worldwide consultant to the hospitality and travel industry serving such prestigious clients as the World Bank. In his time, Rudy was also a pioneer in sales and marketing where he left a particular mark in the German hotel industry. Perhaps most of all, Rudy was an excellent connector and networker. The annual receptions that he and his wife hosted at their home in Berlin during the IHIF conference and ITB fair was a sought after invitation by Cornellians and international industry leaders alike.

After Rudy’s most unfortunate and severe head and spine injury suffered from a fall at the Bahnhof (train station) rushing to a business meeting in Berlin, he entered a care facility not far from his house in Berchtesgaden after first being cared for at his home for two years. In addition to Annelie’s most devoted daily attendance and routine at the facility (including delivering him home cooked meals), their very dear friends and former colleague, Hans Turnovszky, PDP ’67 and his wife Silke, were without fail looking into both Rudy and Annelie very regularly. Rudy was never again able to use the computer or telephone which he was so good at, nor was Annelie able to connect.

For more information regarding Rudy’s contributions to CHS, The Hotel School, and the global hospitality industry, please use the following link to read an article from the Winter 2019 edition of Hotelie magazine:…/597_CHS_Germany_hotelie_f…

Rudy, with his signature smile and legacy of service to the CHS community, will forever remain in our hearts and minds.