Peter (Pete) Plamondon, Jr. ‘81, Principal of Plamondon Companies, shares with us what it means to him to be a Hotelie for Life®.

“Being a Hotelie for Life means having a purpose – a purpose to serve others, a purpose to guide you in the decisions you make and how you shape your goals, it offers you a sense of direction and it creates meaning. Being a Hotelie for Life also helps you to live a life that is true to your core values. I am lucky to have been surrounded by Cornell Hotel School graduates in my personal life, all Hotelies for Life, who support me in this wonderful purpose. This perspective began with my father, Pete Sr., class of 1954, who was a long-time Marriott executive; my wife, Gail, class of 1980, who worked for both Marriott (where we met) and Four Seasons Hotels; and my two sons Tripp, class of 2015, and Jeff, class of 2017. These family Hotelie connections helped to create a strong bond which flows into the many personal and professional bonds of friendship that I’ve been lucky enough to establish throughout my career. The world-wide diversity of this community speaks volumes about what it is at its core – compassion, support, respect, and pride in one another’s accomplishments. There is no other community like it. Being a Hotelie for Life is invaluable.”

Pete is pictured here with his wife, Gail, enjoying a trip to Napa, and with Gail and their children Amy, Meg, Tripp and Jeff at a recent family celebration.

Pete ’81 and Gail ’80 Plamondon