The Cornell Hotel Society Foundation is an organization comprised of past-presidents of the Cornell Hotel Society and several influential Cornell School of Hotel Administration (SHA) alumni who serve as elected trustees.  Together they work to strengthen the Society and provide support for programs serving the students of the Hotel School.  The Foundation was established by the Society in 1989 to accomplish two primary objectives:

  1. to create a vehicle to ensure the continuing interest and active participation of all past presidents of the Society in events and affairs of the SHA Community, and
  2. to support the educational requirements, student needs and research activities of SHA by soliciting applications for and discharging grant programs mutually agreed to by the Foundation and the School.

Two Foundation meetings are held each year, both in New York City.  One is in conjunction with the SHA Icon and Innovator Dinner in June, the second in conjunction with Hotel X, the New York Hotel Show in November.

To date the Foundation has provided over 1$Million in grants to students, the Society, and the SHA to support scholarships, building funds, and programs supported by the SHA.  Currently, the CHS Foundation shares funding of the “Hotelie for Life” Student Prize with CHS and is exploring additional programs of value to the SHA and its students.


CHS Foundation Current Leadership

Chairman, Tim Dick MPS ‘88

President, Liv Gussing Burgess ‘94

First Vice President, Robert Mandelbaum ‘81

Second Vice President, Joe Lavin ‘75

Secretary, Philippus Miller ‘84

Treasurer, Susan Boyle Wood ‘87